How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

We all know that the most sensitive and attractive feature of our face is lips which can get dry or infected if not maintained properly. Most of us face the problem of dryness and redness that are very annoying and unattractive. How can you give a sweet smile if you do not have soft lips? As soon as there are signs of lips cracking proper care should be taken; otherwise, it may be painful or risky. During our childhood, our mothers use to warn us not to lick our lips often as saliva removes moisturizer from the lips.

How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

Moreover, there are many factors including allergies, smoking & drinking, dehydration, wrong toothpaste, cold or heat, excess consumption of vitamin A, etc. that contribute to our lips getting dry and tender. No matter how much treatment or products have you use to get rid of dry lips, but if you do not drink enough water, it won’t be helpful to you. The first and foremost solution to each problem of our body is water. Water is the essential part to keep our body and skin hydrated.

There are many commercial products are available for lips treatment, but natural remedies are more helpful than them to a great extent.  Today I am going to be given some essential tips & tricks to get rid of dry lips that can bring back the smile to our face again. And you do not have to spend lots of money in the name of lips treatment.


How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

I have mentioned above that water is the most essential to our body, and it keeps our body hydrated at all the times. Dehydration is one reason for chapping lips that can be removed by drinking enough water throughout the day. Never think to drink soda, coffee, etc. as substitutes for drinking water, they can make your lips worse.

Mustard Oil

How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

Applying mustard oil in the belly button to get rid of dry lips seems to be a bit awkward, but it is helpful. It is an ancient Ayurveda remedy for cracking lips that were used by our grannies. You just need to put a few drops of mustard oil and massage your naval in bedtime that helps to moisturize the belly button. If you apply the remedy daily, you will get the result within a week.


How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which can keep skin healthy, well hydrated. Naturally, you need to apply honey on your lips for overnight that removes the dead cells and darkness from your lips and can lighten your lips. On the other hand, you can make a paste with glycerine and honey and rub your lips with a cotton ball soaking it in the paste.


How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

Sugar is another remedy for cracking lips that exfoliate all dry and dead cells from the skin. You can use sugar with variety way on your lips by making the paste with the different ingredient. Take a few drop of coconut oil and mix it with sugar and apply the paste on your lips for several days. Moreover, you can use some sugar with a few drops of lemon juice and rub your lips with that paste. Lemon sugar paste helps remove all dirt and dead skin layer from your lips.

Aloe Vera

How can you Get Rid of Dry Lips Naturally

Aloe Vera contains loads of good qualities that cannot be completed by writing in a sheet. It can give you all round beauty solution from head to toe. You can use the Aloe Vera with the different way, but the easiest way is that rub your lips with Aloe Vera gel for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wash your lips off with some Luke warm water. Aloe Vera can heal your chapped lips very fast and make them lighten.

Apart from these, if you want to use a lip balm or moisturiser for instant relief; go for a natural and ayurvedic product. Try not to use artificial chemicals products. Kama Ayurveda Almond And Coconut Lip Balm or Lotus Herbals Lip Balm are some of the trusted natural and herbal products which are readily available in the market. Although, the prices of these herbal products are slightly higher, you can visit Dealozo deal and coupons page anytime to grab a discount offer listed there.


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