List Of Must See Places In Venice, Italy

Venice, one of most romantic and beautiful city in the world. Even the most unromantic person will start believing in love after visiting this city. At every corner, you will see something so beautiful and enchanting which is worth remembering. It is on top of my travel list. I have jotted down some the most amazing places to visit in Venice. No matter how you decide to spend your time in Venice I am sure that it will be a memorable trip.

Grand Canal


Venice’s Grand Canal is one of the most famous tourist attraction. Board a water bus and enjoy the breathtaking view of what the Venice has to offer. This is what Venice is all about : Boat Ride and Scenic Beauty. Enjoy the boat ride with your loved one and inhale the romance in the air.

St Mark’s Basilica


St Mark’s Basilica is one of the most famous and magnificent churches in Venice. The architect and beauty of this Church are worth looking at. The mosaic domes, beautiful altars, mesmerizing floor, it is a masterpiece in itself.

St Mark’s Square


St mark’s Square is a perfect place for those who love to chill out and shop. You will find some of the most fashionable shops and high-end cafeterias to chill and relax here.

Doge’s Palace


Doge’s Palace is also very famous amongst tourists. Although you have to pay a hefty amount to take a tour of the palace but it’s worth it. You get to take a walk over the bridge of sighs which is an experience in itself;)

Do Not Follow The Map


Yes, the best way to explore the beauty of Venice is to get lost in the streets of Venice. Walk aimlessly and without following any map, enjoy your visit without following any suggestions 😉

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