Beauty Products That Are Trending Right Now

Today, the selection of beauty products is overwhelming. It sometimes seems like beauty brands pump out products faster than consumers can buy them. It’s enough to make you wonder if it’s simply a matter of trial and error.

Some would argue the barrage of beauty products is due to the fact that trends come and go so quickly now. Beauty brands actually put a lot of thought into their product selection. They hire third-party organizations like The Benchmarking Company to help conduct market research to discover which products consumers are most interested in buying.

The manufacturers that invest in research and development are usually the ones that catch on to major trends first. You can trust the beauty brands that have caught on to the trends below are at the forefront of the industry.

Contouring Kits

The contouring makeup trend is far from over. As long as social media exists, women will strive to achieve a perfectly sculpted face for their selfies. But nailing the contouring technique isn’t always easy.

Beauty brands are helping by giving women complete contouring kits. They include the contouring powers or creams in a variety of shades as well as brushes and tools to make the magic happen.

Press-on Nails

Healthy, strong nails are naturally beautiful. But many nail trends of the past could do major damage. One of the newest trends helps ladies achieve trendy looks without subjecting their nails to harsh treatment. Top designers are reinvigorating press-on nails with custom finishes.

Press-on nails are a great low-commitment way to change up your look for a day or two. Most use gentle glues that come off easily without affecting the surface of nails. Press-ons are a particularly good idea for the trendy dark polishes that are more likely to leave stains. You can also prevent damage by opting for bejeweled press-ons rather than adhering 3D accents directly to your nail.

Custom Clay Masks

Clay masks have been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until recently that there’s been a renewed interest. Exotic clays from around the world are being used for highly customized masks that combat specific skin woes.

Some beauty brands opt for pure clays, and others create masks that are mixed with other healthy ingredients. Skincare treatments go in and out of fad, and right now clay masks are having a moment.

Wavy Straight Hairstyles

You no longer have to choose between straightening your hair and adding waves with a curling wand. The en vogue wavy straight hairstyles give you the best of both worlds.

This “flat wave” or “middle wave” look is achieved by keeping the hair straight at the crown and ends of the hair and adding waves only around the midsection. One of the best things about this hairstyle is straight-haired ladies can minimize heat damage. Just add a wave mid-shaft and leave the delicate ends of hair alone to create a natural yet finished look.

Pop of Red Eye Shadow

If anyone would have suggested red eyeshadow just a few seasons ago, most people wouldn’t have been on board. But it’s all about application. When you add a touch of red above the lid of the eyes it instantly makes them pop.

All it took was a few of the world’s top catwalkers strutting their stuff with a touch of red around the halo of the eyes to create one of the biggest trends of 2017. In addition to opening the eyes, red shadow also makes eyes appear brighter.

Metallic Makeup

Right now makeup is taking on a metallic sheen. Shadows, lipsticks, primers and powder highlighters are all about upping the shine. These products are far from subtle. The trend is to go over the top with glitter and solid metallic finish that can be seen across the room.

Just be careful to avoid products that use harsh ingredients like lead and other metals. Be particularly careful when using metallic eyeshadow.



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