Head-to-Toe Guide for Creating a Signature Look

Steve Jobs had one. So does Stevie Nicks. Diane Keaton was known for hers in the 1970s. Today, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are known for theirs whether it’s an Instagram pic or paparazzi shot.

We’re talking about signature looks. When you find an ensemble that fits you and your personal style to a T, you’ll understandably want to wear it again and again. But finding that signature look isn’t easy when you lack a team of stylists and access to any designer in the world.

Head-to-Toe Guide for Creating a Signature Look

Here’s the everyday woman’s head-to-toe guide to creating a signature look.


If you’ve ever watched Project Runway you know how quickly the wrong hairstyle can derail an outfit. Your hair tops off your look, but it has a signature style all of its own. Consider how your signature hairstyle fits with your clothing. You may find it’s either time to refresh your wardrobe or the way you wear your hair.

Of course, hair accessories are another way to create a head-to-toe signature style. Something as simple as a headband can be what your look is known for.


Clothing doesn’t get worn day after day, but sunglasses and eyeglasses do. Picking a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses is like boiling your personal style down to a single accessory.

For eyeglasses, you’ll need a pair that fits with just about everything in your closet but is still trendy, comfortable and affordable. If you don’t have a limitless budget, find a like a pair of women’s celebrity glasses that speak to your personal style and then look for online retailers that sell a similar design. Same look, lower price.


Like hair, makeup can either enhance an overall look or detract from it. There are four key considerations for makeup:

For most women, it comes down to either keeping things subdued and natural or going bold and making the makeup a prominent part of the look.


Since the dawn of time people have been adorning themselves with jewelry. Sometimes it was used to signify class or belonging to a specific group. Most of the time it’s used to draw the eye to a specific part of the body.

Piercings are perhaps the jewelry that makes the biggest style statement. Since piercings are permanent they also establish a signature statement piece within your look.


There’s a lot going on in an outfit before you get to the main attraction – the clothing. Some people choose to keep the clothing pared down and let the accessories make all the statements. On the other side of the coin, few accessories are needed when you wear noteworthy clothing.

Dressing for body type and comfort are extremely important. Without both of those elements, there’s no way to feel at home in an outfit, let alone use it as a signature look.


For some people, shoes are the most important part of an outfit. Even if it’s not the first thing you pick out, there’s no denying that shoes are a key element of any look. They could even be the most interesting part of an ensemble.

Shoes are unique in that they’re usually influenced by what you’ll be doing. In that regard, the shoes for a signature look are a reflection of your day-to-day life.


Few women can make it through the day with pockets alone. Purses and bags may not make it into every social media shot, but when you’re strutting down the street it’s a key part of the entire look.

Bags shouldn’t be an afterthought. Just the size of your purse says a lot about signature style. The old trick of matching your purse to your shoes is still good advice. But you don’t have to be literal with it. Play off of the design and vibe of the shoes to find a bag that looks like it belongs.

Bringing It All Together

There should be one common thread that pulls everything in the outfit together. Think of a single idea, feeling or word that you want to express. Use that as a guide for selecting the various pieces that create a cohesive signature look.


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