How To Select Best Training Shoes

Working out is never east but a good shoe can help you do it better. Choosing a right shoe for training is always a difficult task. There are certain parameters which have to be kept in mind before selecting a training shoe. These days various types of training shoes are available in the market but not every shoe is right for you. Let’s get started with the guide to buy right training shoes for you. 😉


How To Select Best Training Shoes
How To Select Best Training Shoes
  • Know Your Shoe Size

Your feet determine which shoe is right for you. If you have a wide foot, buying a narrow shoe thinking it will loosen out later, doesn’t make any sense. Always determine your shoe size before making the purchase. If your shoe size is not available then go for a one size large because your feet expands while working out.

  • Stability & Support

Always look for a shoe that has a breathable material and provides support to your feet.Branded shoes come with cushioned sole, which provides your feet some comfort and support. Never compromise with the comfort.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility in shoes is very much required while working out, especially at the forefoot. Training shoes should bend approximately at the same point where your forefoot bends.

  • Arch

Determine if you have high arched or flat foot. If you have normal to high arched foot, buy a cushioned sole. People with flat foot should go for stability and neutral shoe. This will keep your feet in normal position and you will not feel pain on your feet after the training session.

  • Grip / Traction

A good training shoe should have amazing grip. You don’t want to slip while running or slide off the treadmill. Training shoes have more grip than walking shoes. You must feel as the shoes are holding onto the ground.


These were some points which you have to keep in mind before buying training shoes.


I hope these tips will help you choose the right shoes… 




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    hey.. i agree with you, i chose wrong shoes and ended up with knee pain.. but ya now i choose shoes my comfort not by style.. wish somebody had told me all this before.. really informative and helpful info

  2. 7

    Yes, to prevent injuries having proper shoes for running or jogging is essential. Otherwise there will be injuries, to the feet and knees, its wise to run with proper, comfortable shoes. Your right.

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