Zumba: Fun Way To Lose Weight

Although gymming is the first way of exercise that people like, but dance workouts like Zumba, Tango, belly dancing and aerobics are becoming popular amongst mass.  People are looking for alternative ways to work out as they are fed up of treadmills and crunches. They want something stirring and exciting and dance workout is something everyone enjoys and there comes Zumba which has won million hearts for its fun way of shedding extra kilos. But what is Zumba? Well, Zumba is a dance cardio workout and one of the most fun and effective one. It feels more like a celebration than a workout session. The motive behind Zumba is to shed some extra pounds from your body while having fun. It is basically for those who hate to work out and believes that exercise should be fun.

If you like dancing and have two left feet but enjoy smiling and having fun as we do – consider Zumba. There is no age limit to join a Zumba class, people of any age who wants to be fit or stay fit can join Zumba. Instead of lifting weights and running on the treadmill, you get to dance your heart out on your favorite tracks and learn some incredible dance moves too. Dance is all about relaxing and letting go of self-consciousness – that’s a perfect way to burn calories. In Zumba, The emphasis is on the fun, rather than the exercise. No wonder, dancing has been found to help reduce stress, boost energy, develops strength and be in charge of your body. Attending Zumba at a regular interval has proved to be a brilliant way to kick out those sturdy fats from the body. The fun approach of Zumba towards fitness is winning over the hearts of millions and more and more people are opting for this wonderful music intensified workout option which yields great health benefits.

Cardiovascular exercise is significant as you work toward a caloric deficit. The dynamic nature of Zumba means you should do at least 75 minutes of dance exercise per week to lose weight. It boosts your calorie burn for hours even after your workout ends. One hour of Zumba can help you lose 446 to 530 calories depending on the intensity of the session.

Zumba is considered to be a whole body workout and not only it helps to tone every single muscle of your body, but also improves your posture and flexibility. Zumba session may be a mix of various dance forms like Hip-Hop, Cha-cha-Cha, salsa or even belly dancing. Various gyms and fitness centers offer Zumba classes. They all have licensed Zumba instructors. Every Instructor has their own style and rhythm and energy to out the dance floor on fire.

Gyms and fitness studios have experienced higher number of member retention by introducing Zumba into their workout programs. Would you like to know which are the best Zumba class in your city? I had the same question in mind when I was trying to find a good gym. I found mine through Gympik, the best gym aggregator in India. It helps you find the best fitness centers, gyms, wellness centres and personal trainers in your city. So, just visit Gympik.com to find a good Zumba Class in your city with the pricing and location details. I’m sure, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend joining a Zumba class because it will help you shape your body and lose your body fat.  Weight loss, better coordination, body sculpting, mood uplifting are some of the best benefits that are tagged with this amazing workout form, Zumba. Still not convinced? Give it a shot and I’m sure you wouldn’t come back without buying the yearly subscription only for the love of Zumba.





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