Your jewellery can make you look taller!

It’s not only the clothes and heels that make you look taller, but your jewellery can also enhance your height. If chosen correctly, right jewellery can make a short lady look taller and wrong selection may elevate the fatty look. Follow these tips and tricks to create an illusion of looking taller with the help of right jewellery-

  • Choose long danglers- this will give an elongated look to your neck. This will not only give you a taller look, but will make an addition to your glamorous look.
  • Avoid numerous ornaments- When you get dressed for the party, ensure that you do not look like a jewellery shop. If you are wearing heavy earrings, avoid carrying necklace or rings. If you are wearing a diamond necklace, then wear something lighter on the ears.
  • Specific patterns- There are certain earrings that are in rectangular, triangular and squares in shape. These are some of the noticeable style statement. For this exclusive selection, buy diamond jewellery online.
  • Choose a right ring- Picking right ring also very much affect the looks of the person. Rings that are slender and narrow width will add length to your fingers giving it a slender look.
  • Special stones- Out of many precious and semi precious stones, pear, oval and marquise stones enhances the elongated look to the fingers.
  • Long necklace- The necklaces that fits closely to the neck not only elevates the short look but also elevate the plump look. Avoid necklaces that stick close to the neck, opt for long chains or diamond Mangalsutra to add a lengthy look to your overall appearance.
  • Bracelets- Bold bracelets simply add on to the short height ladies. So avoid them rather pick up something delicate and classy for your wrist when you wish to break the stereotype short look.

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, one can easily transform the looks by carrying the right ornament. All these trinkets are made available at the online store for your access. Log into the store for selecting and buying the jewellery that help you get your gorgeous look.

These ornaments falls into the category of the masterpiece as the craftsman has worked with full dedication upon them. Their hard work is visible in each and every step starting right from picking the stone from the mines till it reaches your trinket box. To help them with their masterpieces they have specially imported machines from Italy and Germany.

Shop online this festival season so that you receive lots of compliments by suitably matching your jewellery with your dress, occasion and looks. If you have a certain design in your mind, then designers at store would love to create the same for you. Be your own designer and steal the show with your looks and exclusively designed jewellery piece that is hard to find elsewhere.

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