Bridal Guide: Choosing the right luxury fabric for your wedding gown

Choosing a wedding dress is a difficult task. From fabric to embellishments, you have to keep so many things in mind. If you are looking for a wedding dress that is perfect for you, then you should start with choosing the right fabric first. Because it is the most significant part of a wedding gown. A fabric can make or break the look of your dress. Different fabrics have different characteristics. A good fabric will define the look of your wedding gown.

The wedding dress is made up of the combination of two or more fabrics. When going for a fabric, keep in mind your body structure, season and the look that you want to achieve. The most preferred fabrics by brides are Satin and Lace. Lace gives a nice vintage boho look and adds a touch of elegance to the wedding outfit whereas Satin’s soft nature suits every body type which makes it an ideal choice for a classy wedding gown. Satin is a very popular high quality, luxurious fabric. It is famous for its glossy touch and is often used to make the luxury garments. It is also a heavy fabric and that makes it a perfect option for the winter wedding. For a summer wedding, you can replace satin with chiffon.

Finding a high-quality satin can be a difficult task when you don’t know how to differentiate between a good fabric and a bad fabric. You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning about fabrics, all you have to do is visit Tissura and check out their bridal fabrics collection. Tissura is a network of fabric shops and showrooms. They are in the market for almost 20 years now and are known for their premium quality fabrics. They offer fabrics, embellishments, and accessories of very good quality. They have all the latest trends and you can find every type of fabric on their website. They have a wide variety of embroidered, solid, sequin, and floral bridal and non-bridal fabrics available with them. They also have a wide range of exclusive material; you can choose the one according to your choice and comfort. When I started surfing through their collection, I liked a lot of designs.

You can also choose the finest tulle from Tissura for the traditional veil. Tulle falls effortlessly creating a dreamy fairy tale look without adding the volume. You can blindly trust Tissura for the quality of the fabrics. Every fabric that they have has been designed with the sole purpose to make any bride stay pleased by her wedding gown. If you are looking for a perfect fabric for your dress then nothing can be better than Tissura. It is next to impossible to not to find the fabric of your choice on their website. I am sure that you will find the perfect match for your dream wedding dress on Tissura.

Do visit them once and let me know your favorites in the comments 🙂


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