5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mascara : Mascara Hacks

A quick swipe or two of mascara can instantly transform your whole look. Your eyes look more awake and beautiful with a coat of mascara. Here are some facts and hacks which you probably didn’t know about your favorite mascara.

Sleeping in mascara is not good for lashes

Mascara helps you get long, lush lashes but it can cause damage to them too if you sleep without taking it off. Don’t ever sleep in your mascara. It makes your lashes stiff which can cause them to break very easily.

Do the smell test

The average shelf life of a mascara is 3-5  months. Do a smell test to check if your mascara is still good to go or not. If it smells like vinegar then it’s better to toss it out and buy a new one.

Never share your mascara

We all love trying new mascaras. But sharing it with your friends and loved ones can sometimes cause eye infection or pink eye.

Never pump your mascara wand

Pumping the mascara wand can cause the mascara to dry faster. Roll the wand in the circular motion to get the desired amount of product.

Voluminous Lashes

Prep your lashes for mascara by applying baby powder with the help of a cotton swab or cue tip for voluminous lashes.

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