Perfect Eyeliner Hacks

Nothing can me more annoying than you ruining your makeup with one wrong stroke of eyeliner. Next time, don’t forget to try these tips to nail the perfect cat eye look.


Perfect Eyeliner Hacks


Use Business Card / Paper

Use a business card or paper to draw a straight line. You will get a perfect wing every time with this trick.

Start On The Outside

Always start drawing your eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye. This way you can see where your wing is going and you can do the rest of the liner accordingly.

Heat Up The Pencil

Some eyeliner pencils are very harsh on the eyelid. You can always make it work by heating the tip of the pencil with the hair dryer. But makes sure you don’t heat it up for more than 3 seconds.

Use A Shadow For Longevity

To make your liner last longer always top it up with a matching eyeshadow.

Concealer For The Perfect Wing

Never use a makeup remover to correct eyeliner mistakes. It will remove your base too. Opt for a concealer to perfect your wing.

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