Top Fashion Trends Of 2017


If you want to stay ahead in the fashion game then these are some the trends which help you win it. I love how 90’s fashion is making its comeback 😀 2016 was full of off shoulders and bell sleeves. Here is the list of the trends we can’t wait to flaunt this spring/summer. Some of these were leading in 2016 too 😀


Bell/Statement Sleeves

Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Apart from the off shoulder trend, bell sleeves are making a huge comeback. They look so gorgeous and retro at the same time.



Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Ruffles are back in the game guys. They stole the show at New York Fashion Week 2017. Expect to see a lot of ruffles in tops and dresses in 2017. P.S. This trend is not for the weak-hearted 😉


Corset Belt

Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Corset belts are a thing these days. You can see a lot of celebs wearing these on their shirts or dresses. They accentuate your waist and enhances the curves 🙂



Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Stripes look so classy and sophisticated. They made a statement in 2016 and are going to lead in 2017 too. Stripes and off shoulder makes a perfect combination of trendy and classy.



Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

Good News !!!! Sneakers will continue to rule the shoe world this year too. No shoes can replace my love for white sneakers 😉


Which one pf these is going to be your staple trend in 2017..????



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    Absolutely adoring heavy ruffles and statement sleeves – even better if they’re combined, right?! Gorgeous fashion trend selections.

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