LUCIDUS S/S 17 By Ridhima Bhasin

Ridhima Bhasin recently launched her collection LUCIDUS. The collection is inspired by iconic shapes of Moroccan architecture, the majestic inverted domes, slender Minarets, intricate and spell binding Jaali windows and Moorish lamps. The word Lucidus invokes a feeling of Light, brightness and clarity that reflects in each ensemble. The collection encapsulates this feeling and mood, with beautiful circular skirts, slender pants , sheer blouses, cropped capes in pastels :Ivory, apricot, moonlit blue, subtle lotus pink, sage green and vanilla hues , delicate thread embroiders with hand crafted tassels with hints of silver and moon grey embellishments amalgamate to create this spring summer-17 collection. Fabrics like Lycra, organza, French net and butterscotch georgette, beautifully manipulated with bubble pleating are placed in shapes that take inspiration from Moroccan art and architecture. The designs strike the right balance between contemporary and conservative, mainly focusing on accentuating the female form and exude a sense of magic and fantasy with their form flattering silhouettes.

LUCIDUS S/S 17 By Ridhima Bhasin

This collection is for the contemporary, strong willed, confident woman of today.
Inverted domes, intricate Jaali windows, Moorish lamps, Circular skirts, Clean Offwhite, Moonlit, Minarets, clean, purity, beauty,
Delicate thread embroideries, Hand crafted tassels and minute detailing in tassels, and embellishments,
Texture, embossed fabric manupalation,a 3d effect,
Hues like Offwhite, Cream, apricot, sage green and hints of silver,
Fabrics like: stretch cotton, lycra, butterscotch ggt, cotton silk…… floral emb, mirror emb, canopy emb, 3d effects…… indo western silhouette
Lucidus is light, bright and clear.and extracted in the form of a beautiful collection in the form of embroideries. The beauty of Moroccan nature, florals and the intricacies of the colors, some dull hues and even the brighten reliefs makes the collection “LUCIDUS S/S 17”.

LUCIDUS S/S 17 By Ridhima Bhasin

The pretty power of the season, shining lights and imprints of Moroccan cities build and binds our story together.
Feel the feel of wearing exquisite colors, lighter and brighter shades with sublime contrast and 3D effects that are put together to form a piece which will enhance and adorn one’s natural beauty.
The collection is a connected pod with special elements, such as use of fabric manipulation and bubble pleating.

Antifit flowy drapes sequence and some dazzling tassels. The radiant sequence colors, Lucidus, the collection makes it perfect for any girl’s dream occasion, pleasing cuts, delicate drapes and elegant embroideries makes the collection indifferent in itself. Illuminating the collection with hidden embellishments and use of Moroccan elements with intricate carving turned the collection into oozing nature.

LUCIDUS S/S 17 By Ridhima Bhasin
LUCIDUS S/S 17 By Ridhima Bhasin

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