Be Remembered For Good

We are always ready to help our friends and family but we rarely think about doing something good for those in need. There are a very few people who think beyond family and friends and want to work for the betterment of the society. One of those people is Gaurav Singh – the founder of 3.2.1 Education Foundation. 3.2.1 has been created to help children who are willing to learn but don’t have the resources or reach to get better education.

I got to know about Gaurav from 100 Pipers YouTube channel. Their Good Crusaders campaign introduced us to people like Gaurav who think out of the box and believe in spreading knowledge. Gaurav used to work in an IT company and always believed there was something missing. So he left his corporate job and volunteered for “Teach For India” and started teaching underprivileged children. He worked with them for 2 years. He always wanted to find out new methods to impart knowledge. He visited some of the top schools in the world and started his own 3.2.1 Education Foundation’s first school in Mumbai in 2012.


3.2.1 Education Foundation works to create India’s best charter school so that the children who belong to marginalized communities can get the education they deserve. They are also working with some of the top teachers in India to create better methods for teaching children. I totally support Gaurav and 100 Pipers in this initiative. They have given us the hope and courage to spread knowledge and wisdom. They are not only imparting knowledge to the children but are also building an educated and a better society which is not only good for them but also good for our country. A better society will lead to a better and more developed country. The country will obviously develop if everyone is well-educated.

There is a lot we can do for our society but we are so busy in our everyday work that we hardly take any step towards it. Everyone talks about the betterment of the country but only a few have the courage to work for it. Let’s do something which will make us feel proud of ourselves and our country, Let’s be remembered for good.


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    He is amazing, such a good soul that makes the whole difference in our world… if more people had such a project like 3.2.1.! We are all the same, and the ones who got more, should give more – even if “more” is more mercy! Thanks for sharing this amazing post!

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