Laser Hair Removal: Facts and Myths

Wax, tweeze, shave, bleach — whatever you choose, we all hate the terrible process of hair removal. There’s a growing trend of Laser Hair Removal because both men and women look for a permanent solution to getting rid of surplus hair. But there are some facts and myths about the treatment that needs to be read before opting for the treatment.

Extensive Research

It is necessary to do a proper research before choosing the dermatologist for the treatment. Booking your appointment without researching about the doctor, clinic or salon can be your biggest mistake. There are some Salons that offer the lowest price possible, but you should make sure that they have enough experience and perform laser procedures daily because there is no certification required for performing this procedure. There are some well-known Dermatologists in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh & Delhi who can be consulted for laser hair removal procedure.

Laser Hair Removal And Pain

A lot of people are scared of the pain when it comes to getting the treatment done. The procedure hurts but not more than a bee sting. There can be a little discomfort, redness or puffiness but some clinics do provide the numbing creams if your pain tolerance power is less.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not Permanent

Some people think that laser removes the hair permanently but it is a complete myth. Laser hair removal helps in reducing the hair growth and not permanently removing the hair.  This treatment damages the hair follicles which lead to very less hair growth after the treatment. It usually takes 5-6 sessions to see the actual result. You can take help of the websites which offers online doctor consultation and book the appointment after clearing your doubts.

Laser Hair Removal And Burns

It is actually very rare to get burns from this treatment. You can obviously have a consultation session with your dermatologist before going for the treatment. He can study your skin type and can suggest you accordingly.

Actual Procedure Time

Procedure time depends on the size of the area and amount of hair growth. It usually takes 10 mins for smaller areas like upper lips, to about an hour for larger areas like arms for one session. It may take more than 4 sessions to get rid of unwanted hair.


If you have any other questions related to the treatment then you can visit your dermatologist and he will answer all your queries. Do inform him about all your allergies and any medicines you are taking because some medications can affect the result of laser treatment. Hope this post cleared all your doubts about the most popular hair removal treatment 😀


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    It’s true that it can produce some pain, I once had laser removal on the armpits and it did hurt a bit, though I had a cream that made the pain not so bad. It’s not permanent, that’s true, but for me, 10 years later, I have nearly nothing on my armpits, and that’s great! Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

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