Winter Skincare Tips

Cold weather is not good for skin. Cold and dry winds take away all the moisture from the skin. Without proper care, skin becomes dry and flaky, and harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Added moisture surely helps, but you need to take some extra actions to avoid dry skin and keep skin looking young and soft. Try these tips to keep your skin healthy and comfortable in winters.

Winter Skincare Tips


Use Lukewarm Water

We all prefer hot showers and bath in winter. But you should avoid it whenever you can and choose lukewarm water, particularly when you are washing your face to preserve natural oils of the skin.

Moisturize Frequently

Use moisturizer right after the bath or washing your face. Applying moisturizer to the damp skin seals that moisture into the skin. Keep a travel size bottle of moisturizer in your handbag and near the basin.


Don’t forget to wear your gloves and beanies to protect your hair and hands. Also, don’t forget the sunscreen while soaking in the rays. Sun Rays can be harmful to the skin. It even leads to premature aging of the skin.

Drink Water

We usually drink less water in winter as compared to summers because we take in a lot of coffee, hot chocolate, tea etc. Make sure your water intake is not less than 8 glasses in a day.

Night Creams

Hands and feets have soft and sensitive skin and lose moisture faster than any other area on the body. Use a good moisturizer at night, then wear cover your hands and feet with cotton gloves and socks to seal in the moisture.


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