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We always get confused when it comes to choosing an ideal gift for men. Festive season is here and choosing the perfect gift is a difficult task. But there is one thing that every man will love receiving as a present and it’s a Scotch Whiskey. From daring to outstanding, Scotch Whiskey gifts make the perfect accessory in every man’s personal bar. Out of all the options available in the market, Pernod Ricard’s – 100 Pipers is the best Scotch Whiskey you can ever gift to your Father, Brother, Fiancée o9r Husband. #100Pipers is the second name of the best of Scottish Whiskey.



Pernod Ricard’s 100 Pipers is a smooth Scotch whiskey with gently smoked notes. It is the seventh-largest blended Scotch worldwide. 100 Pipers is a luxurious blended scotch, which was launched in 1995 in India. They must have tested a thousand of whiskeys to create the scotch they were looking for. They mixed some of the finest whiskeys like the Balmenmachs, the Strathislas, the Macallans and a number of others which are some of the rarest whiskeys that form the base of Scotland’s supreme scotches to create one incredible scotch – Seagram’s 100 Pipers. It took them more than 20 years and 530 combinations to get these exceptional whiskeys in a single bottle of 100 Pipers. So if you’ve ever thought what the most excellent taste of Scotland would be like, all in just one bottle, then you’ll have to take a sip of 100 Pipers.



They say, According to the Scottish legend, when you take the taste of a good scotch, you can hear a piper play, but when you taste an extraordinary Scotch whiskey you can hear 100 Pipers play together. You can experience this legend with 100 Piper’s every sip. They have done a thorough research and have put in a lot of hard work to bring you the best of Scotch Whiskey. Nothing can be better than gifting him what he actually likes and no man can ever say no to it. This will be the one perfect gift for your loved one this Diwali. He will surely enjoy every sip of it.




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