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Dieting is a very common way of keeping yourself fit and losing weight. There are a number of diet plans in the market, and even more promises to instantly drop your fat in a matter of days. But taking up a diet plan without knowing your body can lead to several other problems. Different bodies respond differently to same diet plans. Diets should be well planned by an expert. I recently came across Truweight, which claims to reduce weight with nutrition counseling. So, I thought to try their Detox plan to remove toxins from my body and for a bit of body toning.

What Is Truweight ?


It is a weight loss company that assists people with nutrition counseling to fight obesity by adding nutritional foods to their diets. No pills, no machines, they only do it with the help of superfoods e.g flax seeds, sesame seeds, oats, ragi, Triphala, and much more. Their team of experts creates a special diet plan after proper consultation and analyzing your health.

My Experience



I received the Detox Kit from Truweight. To my surprise, there were 8 Super Foods and 2 books to start with the detox plan. I always thought that detox diet means living only on liquids for a few days but it was completely different. I was happy to see some good stuff in the box. It included Sipper, 7 packs of shake-a-day, Jalapeno seasoning- quinoa & seeds, Snacks, Teatox, Hibiscus tea, flax seeds and sesame Ladoo, Oats Mixture, 2 books. First thing first, I read their Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss book to get an idea on how to start with the plan. Their Truweight Weight loss Program is divided into 4 cycles. First one is the Anti-Inflammatory Detox, Second is Fat Burning, Third is the metabolic booster and forth is the Maintenance Cycle. The book is very easy to understand.


I started with the sample meal plans given in the anti-inflammatory detox. There were two plans one with eggs and one without eggs. Being a vegetarian, I opted for the plan with no eggs. Basically, it was a 5 meals a day plan, divided into 3 full meals, 1 mid-morning snack, and 1 evening snack. There was a complete list of foods which were to be avoided during the detox diet e.g. sugar, dairy products, meat, caffeine, etc. For first 3 days, it was a little difficult to avoid the tea in the morning but then my brain got used to it πŸ˜› Everything was amazingly yummy, especially the flax seeds and Sesame Ladoos. Their protein shake is the yummiest shake I have ever had, it’s super delicious. At the end of the diet plan i.e. on the 7th day, I was more active and fresh and no more bloating. Mornings are not that bad anymore. I wake up fresh after a good night’s sleep. About weight loss, I lost 1 kg in total in 7 days, which is actually very good. I am impressed with the results but I will miss the Shake and the Ladoos πŸ˜€




If you are living in Bangalore, Hyderabad or Mumbai, You can call them and book a free home consultation . They will visit your home and will provide you with the suitable diet plan after analyzing your overall health. If you are planning to lose weight or want to try the detox diet then do visit their website once. I am sure you will love it πŸ™‚


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