Anniversary : The Malabar Way

Diamonds are girl’s best friend. We can totally connect to this phrase. We girls love diamonds and gold. Diamonds, They’re so exquisite and pretty. Women are mesmerized with it and this attraction can never go away. Recently, I saw this commercial #KareenasAnniversarySurprise by Malabar Gold and Diamonds featuring the goregeous Kareena Kapoor Khan, she is looking amazing with her pregnancy glow. I fell in love with the video and that necklace.


I have never seen something this beautiful before. It is very common that your better half expects you to remember your special day. So why not gift her something as a symbol of appreciation for everything she has done for you. We all love surprises. So why not surprise your wife, fiance or girlfriend with something special which she will cherish for life. Small gestures like these are enough to convey your love to your wife. Everyone wants to have their happy Wednesday’s 😀

My parents anniversary is next month. So, me and my dad decided to surprise my mom with something special. We visited the Malabar Gold And Diamonds website to select a perfect gift for her. Because what’s better than a diamond for a diamond 😉 Their collection is amazingly gorgeous. Specially, their Mine collection. It’s so classy and contemporary, something which my mom will love. From rings to earings, necklace to pendants everything was worth looking at.

When it comes to budget, they have kept it in mind and there are pieces to suit everyone’s budget. After a long discussion, we settled for a sweet little surprise in form of a beautiful diamond ring for her from their Mine collection. Who says you have to buy an overpriced jewelry to impress your lady ? Sometimes small things are sufficient to express the deepest feelings. The twinkle and radiance of diamonds are enough to speak for itself. Just waiting for the ring to arrive. We can’t wait to see my mom’s reaction 😀

If you are planning to pamper your wife then do visit Malabar Gold and Diamonds store and get her something from their collection. She will love it 🙂


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    Oh my words, I loved the video, cause I loved Kareena Kapoor Khan! She is lovely, it’s so nice that she is pregnant, I didn’t know! And yes, how lovely it’s to receive such a nice surprise, I loved the necklace! Would love to receive such a surprise 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

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