Amazing Life Hacks

You’ve searched for these simple resolutions and you know you want them terribly because they are just wonderful 😀 I have some speedy and simple life hacks that are easy to do. These are some no-nonsense life hacks into one post. It will make your life easier. Enjoy!!!!


Amazing Life Hacks
Amazing Life Hacks

Hack 1 : Waterproof Shoes

I used to hate it when my shoes get wet and take ages to dry. But now, I just rub a bee wax on my shoes to make them waterproof 😀

Hack 2 : Get Rid Of  The Fake Smile In Pictures

Obviously, we can spot your fake smile in picture :O To avoid that, squint your eyes a little to make it look more natural 😉

Hack 3 : Fresh Smelling Clothes

You don’t have time for laundry while travelling and your suitcase starts to stink after few days because of those dirty clothes. To avoid that, you can add a scented soap bar in your suitcase, and it will keep your clothes smelling clean 😀

Hack 4 : Onion Tears

Stop crying over your onions. Just peel it and cut the ends and then soak it in cold water for 30 seconds. Now you can get over that terrible relationship with onions 😉

Hack 5 : Beautiful Dreams

After a tiresome day, we crave for a good night’s sleep and beautiful dreams. Just have a glass of apple juice before going to bed. The chemical compound in the juice will help you have awesome dreams 😀

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    Loved the article! I already use the soap and onion tip, but I didn’t know about the apple juice. I will try it, because sometimes when I am stressed, I really have terrible nightmares! Thanks for that!

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