Relevance of Diagnosis during Monsoon

Monsoon season is fun. I love to go out for drive in rains. Smell of wet mud and flowers is what I enjoy the most. Monsoon is amazing but it can prove to be a health menace as there are various diseases that come with the rains. Due to wet and sticky climate, infections become more common during this season and stagnant water serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. One should not only be cautious of their surroundings during this time but also should go for regular diagnosis. Never give a second thought on your health checkup during this season.




Mosquito borne diseases and diarrheal diseases are especially common. The seasons first dengue death reported in Delhi of an 18 year girl is an alarm for all of us to wake up and rush for health checkup at a quality diagnostic centre. It is important for us to get ourselves diagnosed during the monsoon season. A blood test will tell us how the body is working and if something is detected we can start with the treatment soon. Though people are cautions of their health still maximum number of population escapes from a health test unless and until a doctor recommends them. Why people want to wait for the disease to overcome their body and then go for the test. We cannot evaluate our health by how we look and feel. As soon as we discover initial symptoms of fever that is cough, cold or headache, we should reach out to the best diagnostic centre for appropriate result.

If someone is suffering from any sought of illness these days, avoid going for self diagnosis, as it makes the situation worse. Along with this we should have our ears and eyes open to how the diagnostic centre is in which we are going for the test. In todays time we have realized that maximum number of diagnostic centre are more of the collection centre rather than a formal lab. In this case, we tend to lose on the actual cause of the disease and we may tend to get the unfavorable result. To avoid such confusion and get ourselves wrongly treated because of incorrect diagnostic, we should be more careful as to where are we going for the diagnostics. Is it a reliable, standardize, economical and organised lab? Do they have a well equipped laboratory where one can rely on their reports?


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Taking care of oneself is always a healthy idea, but one should also be aware of the places very well where they get themselves evaluated. We having only one life we should not ignore our bodies. During monsoon children are the ones who enjoy the rains to the fullest, but they are more prone to diseases as they are the ones who are in direct contact with the rain water. Lot of children is trapped with the dengue disease this season, one of the obvious cause is the ignorance of their parents. Parents are always into too much of self-diagnosis that they avoid going for the blood test, which later on turns to be dangerous for them.

Therefore, it is important for all that we should go for a regular blood test at least during monsoons as this is the season where body immunity is sensitive and it tends to catch the infection fast. Also, evaluate once on the lab whether it is has all equipments. We have an old saying that supports this topic ,Precaution is better than cure.

Stay healthy, stay fit, be aware and always be beautiful 😊


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