What’s In My Handbag

Every girl has a hidden treasure in her handbag. Everyone want’s to know what girls carry in their bags. So, I thought to create a video showing what all I carry in my handbag in summers. I’ve had this bag for last six months now and it’s still a favourite of mine, despite it’s huge size! YES my handbag is full of just as many receipts as yours and chocolate wrappers 😉Do watch it girlfriends 😀 and see if we carry similar stuff in our bags or not 😉




Hope you liked the video. Do tell me what you all carry in your handbag and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel 😀


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    The Makeup Train

    You have a lot of great things in your bag (cute bag, btw). I have a lot of junk: receipts, papers. I have to carry around my polka dot wallet, my cell phone, several lipsticks, two sets of keys (I have my friend’s keys with me) and a couple of pens.

  2. 7

    Himanshi you look so pretty in the video.I love watching what’s in my bag video and this one is super amazing.I also like to carry my world in my bag.Haha…

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