Need to Know : Summer Fashion Tips

Summer is here guys, With temperature going high, staying fashionable + comfortable is obviously a big challenge. Here are a few tips which will help you fight the temperature without compromising with style 😉

Need to Know Summer Fashion Tips
Need to Know Summer Fashion Tips


Keep clothes fresh

It’s time to pack your winter clothes, do slip in a dryer sheet to keep your sweaters and jackets smelling good until the next season.

Opt for loose clothes 

The looser, the superior. Trust me, a loose and smooth dress will keep you cooler than a skintight top.

Avoid a cold shower

We all want to dive into a cold shower after coming back from work, which is actually not good. A cold shower will increase your body temperature in a matter of minutes, go for a hot shower instead.

Cover up

Summer means noodles strap, tank tops and sleeveless. These things will expose your skin to harsh summer sun rays which will lead to premature skin ageing but will also increase your body temperature. Covering up will not only protect your skin but will also maintain your body temperature.


Hope these tips will help you fight summer in style 😉


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