Choosing The Best Mangalsutra For Modern Bride

As the wedding season begins, shopping for the best of the jewellery gets on a priority list of items for the would-be brides. One of the jewel pieces in the list that has no replacement is Mangalsutra. This beautiful piece of jewellery comes in various designs to suit everyones taste.Β The new stylish Mangalsutras are perfect to bridge the gap between being ultra-traditional to a fashionable ornament.Β Hence, finding an appropriate Mangalsutra keeping the trend in mind becomes a daunting task.

Choosing The Best Mangalsutra
Choosing The Best Mangalsutra

Here, Shanaya Sardesai- Jewellery and Fashion Expert for Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers comes in. She will make it easier for you by bringing in the ways to choose a best Mangalsutra. Shanaya will let you know about whats in trend and how to give the same Mangalsutra a fashionable twist. Whether you are going to be a housewife or continue to work after marriage, she will help you choose the designs carefully.

Choosing The Best Mangalsutra
Choosing The Best Mangalsutra

Every state has its own beautiful version of Mangalsutras with a distinct feel. She will guide you on how to add a modern touch to your traditional Mangalsutra and make it wearable on a daily basis with matching earrings and will make sure that you choose the right piece according to your personality, taste and occasion. I love how she has explained everything so beautifully in this video. Choosing a Mangalsutra was never this easy.

You can choose from a wide variety of trendy and easy to carry Mangalsutras from Kalyan Jewellers. With these trendy and modish Mangalsutras, you are sure to make a fashion statement and be a head-turner.
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