Walk In Wardrobe Ideas

Every girls biggest dream is : To Have a Big Walk-in Wardrobe !

I’ve spent hours daydreaming of how my “dream walk-in wardrobe” would look like, especially when i’m standing right in front of my wooden wardrobe closet. Your beautiful shoes, dresses and accessories displayed in Walk in Wardrobe is a treat to the eyes. Walk in closets provides you with lots and lots of storage space for clothes and other things.

Bespoke open walk-in-wardrobe : Wardrobes & drawers by Lamco Design LTD

Struggling to select clothes and select the best shoes and bag for the day is hard work coming out of a 4 door wardrobe. You need space to sit down, and gaze in at the beautifully arranged dresses, blouses, pants, shirts, shoes, and bags. I always wanted my dream wardrobe to be huge, with a nice place to sit from where I can admire my treasure of clothes and shoes for as long as I want πŸ˜€ with my dressing table on one corner and beautiful false ceiling. Double hang storage for my tops and sweaters and long hang storage for dresses and coats with mirrored door and pucked lighting. One of my favorite elements which I would love to have in my closet is the see-through shoe drawers. Walk in wardrobes always add a royal look to your house. Movies have always inspired me of having a big beautiful walk in wardrobe πŸ˜€

Wardrobes & drawers by Lamco Design LTD

But getting a perfect walk in wardrobe requires an expert help. Wardrobe designers are the one who can help you create your dream wardrobe keeping everything in mind. They will use each and every corner of the house to make your dream closet come alive. Everyone wants a Walk in Closet but we should not run into getting one. Wardrobes are created keeping space in mind. There should be perfect lighting, a place to sit, organizing strategy, how many drawers should be there etc.

These are some of my favourite walk-in wardrobes I saw around the web

Walk in Wardrobe by Capital : Wardrobes & drawers by Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens
Storage by Lamco Design LTD

I’ll keep dreaming because I do believe that dreams absolutely can come true. You should head over and contact your Wardrobe Expert so you can get started on your dream closet!


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