Airtel 4G The Fastest Network In India

Uploading, Downloading, Chatting, Movies..Are you still waiting for buffering to complete…??? Now you don’t have to go through all that mess of Buffering and waiting because Airtel, country’s largest network provider has come to your rescue with their 4G plans. It is first Pan-India 4G network, available in 296 cities. Airtel 4G is available to its customers on various smart devices including Cell phones, Dongles, 4G Home Wifi. And trust me I have experienced the lightening fast speed through the 4G Home Wifi and now I am addicted to it. Now buffering is history for me, I download movies in Max 15 minutes, Can connect various devices to it without affecting the speed. I have witnessed the speed and Now I want you to experience it. Here are some reasons why you should give Airtel 4G a try.


Reasons To Give Airtel 4G A Try


  • Lightening Fast Speed



Being a blogger, I have so much HD content to upload. Earlier it took me ages to upload pictures and videos but now I do it within few minutes. I just cant imagine living without it now. This speed is actually beyond imagination.

  • Free 4G Sim



Using the 4G device with 3G plan? Airtel provides you with an opportunity to try 4G speed with free 4G sim.You don’t have to visit the store to buy the 4G sim. All you have to do is request a sim exchange here and they will deliver it your doorstep for free. Isn’t it amazing 😀 


  • 4G Speed at 3G Price



4G doesn’t mean 4 times the price. Airtel is offering 4G at 3G price. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming, high speed downloading and uploading of movies, music and video at 3G price. Check the plans. Now this is what we call icing on the cake 😉 Who can refuse this offer..??? I can’t 😉


  • Airtel Challenge

Airtel announced a challenge through their latest TVC that if your network is faster than Airtel 4G, then they will pay your mobile bill for a lifetime.Now this is worth giving a try and Airtel already won this challenge from my side 😀


Have you tried the Airtel 4G yet..?? If yes how was your experience and If No, then are you ready to take the Airtel Challenge..??? 😉



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    I got this connection to use when I was in India and did not notice any drastic difference between the 3G & 4G speeds, may be due to the problem of getting proper signal. Hope they rectify it and make it more efficient

  2. 7

    It’s frustrating that I am not getting my money’s worth from my carrier but so far that’s the only choice I have. Oh well, at least I’m still able to blog and do other stuff online.

    Good that you have this reliable carrier though.

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