How To Style Your Tshirts

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Today I am going to talk about men fashion. After all, they need fashion advice too 😛 Well, well, well,T-shirts are the most versatile item in men’s wardrobe ! When done right, T-shirts for men are the most casual way of looking put together. A US Polo T-shirt is a classic that you can easily grab from your wardrobe when you have to rush for a meeting at the office , or when you are going out with your friend, or for when you’re out on a date. With a few  steps you can slot in a T-shirt into nearly every aspect of your look. Here is a summary of different ways you can style your T-shirt.


 How To Style Your T-shits
How To Style Your T-shits


The Basic

It is a classic and clean look. It doesn’t get easier than pairing a T-shirt with khaki chinos. This is your every day casual outfit. Boot it up with a pair of loafers and a fedora, and you are good to go 😉


The Dapper Look

Take your classic US polo and wear it under your blazer. But for that you need to make sure it has got a stronger collar. Button down collars help. Add aviator’s and loafers to bring out the Dapper in you.


Short It Out

What can be a better partner for a T-shirt then shorts. But make sure you never ever tuck them in. In fact this is the only rule to be followed with tees is to never tuck them in. A great solid pair of shorts or plaids or striped can really work well.


Retro Style

Style them with colored pants for that retro look. The color will brighten everything up on a summer day. Be fearless and carry of the look with flamboyance.



If you want to look good but not boring, then pair your polo with a jacket. Go for beige, grey and black T-shirt and your favorite denim and you’re good to go. You can add some light colors with your polo T-shirt too if you want. Flaunt a classic watch on your wrist to complete the look.


Remember, the key to wearing a T-shirt is versatility– it’s a timeless item that can work in numerous situations and seasons.


Are you usually found in a T-shirt during the summer or do you opt for something different?

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