3 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Big Bright Eyes are every girls dream.
There’s something so sexy about big doe eyes—but you don’t have to be genetically gifted to get them. Just use these tips to fake big eyes 😉


3 Ways To Make Eyes Look Bigger


TIP NO 1 :

Lash Curlers Are A Must

Creating length coming up and out of the eye draws the focus away from the lash line, making the eye look wide open. So, invest in a pair of lash curlers, and curl before applying mascara. It makes a lot of difference 😉



Use Pale Color On Your Waterline

You may have heard, applying white eye liner to your waterline make your eyes appear bigger—which is true, but not very wearable. Instead, choose a pale, champagne hue. Apply to your entire waterline. Try layering a champagne color over white.



Go Light In The Corner

Focus a light shadow on the inner corner of your eye, closest to your tear duct. It makes your eyes look bigger instantly. Light shadow gives an open appearance to the eye, making your eyes look larger and fresher.  


Do try these tips and let me know how it worked for you ?  If  you know any more tips to make eyes look bigger, then feel free to share in the comments.  😉






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    I couldn’t agree more with the latter two suggestions, but I am definitely not a fan of the lash curler. I get the use and it works for lots of girls.. but my lashes curl just fine and otherwise I’d opt for a mascara that makes them curl more 🙂

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