Funny Facts About Indian Weddings

Weddings are one of the greatest events in India. Indian weddings..full of chaos, fun and enjoyment 😆 But have you ever noticed , somethings are common in each and every wedding you attend…

Shopping, Shopping and lots of Shopping till the last minute …

Friends and cousins doing their best at teasing the bride..* Ayeeee Oyeeee * 😉

There’s food. Lots of it. In fact that’s why 90 % of the people turn up anyway.

The late night chatting sessions with your cousins. 

Lots of Stuff gets misplaced. Safety pins, bobby pins, make up, pooja ki thali, shagun ke lifafe, and what not!

Someone will always say You are next and your heart says * SHUT UP*

There are more photos taken than a freakin’ magazine cover shoot. Seriously and I love it 😉

One of the best things about an Indian wedding. “The Baraati Dance!” *Balle Balle *

Last but not the least



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