Hairstyle Guide For Different Face Shapes


Last weekend my friend went for haircut and returned with a bizarre :O Do you go through same feeling while getting your locks chopped  🙁  I will tell you how to choose a haircut before surrendering your locks to the hairstylist with a picture of your favourite celebrity.

Step 1

Know your face shape

You should always know about your face shape before choosing a haircut because it may look amazing on your friend but may be a disaster for you. So lets determine your face shape.

  1. Stand in front of mirror, with you back straight and shoulders back. Clip away your bangs.
  2. Trace the outline of your face on mirror Using lipstick, a bar of soap etc. Carefully trace the outline of your face in the mirror.Try to stay as still as possible while you do this.Don’t include your ears – just the edges of your face.
  3. Compare the outline to this image to find your face shape.


Step 2

Now choose the hairstyle

Oval Face Shape

Length is equal to one and a half times width.

The forehead and jaw are the same width.


Hairstyles for oval face

Hairstyles to Try


  • Any shape and style can be worn, whether it’s short, long, layered or bobbed.
  • The only thing to consider with an oval face shape is what part of your face you want to accentuate. This is where you can get creative with bangs or how you style your hair everyday

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Dont choose hairstyles that hang in your face or eyes.
  • Or hairstyles that just cover your face shape.


Best celebrity example is Jennifer Aniston, Megan fox. You can follow their hairstyles.

Round Face Shape

Circular shaped.

Length is approximately equal to width.


Hairstyles to Try

  • Fullness at the crown will give the illusion of a narrower face shape, particularly those short in length.
  • Longer hairstyles that are kept close to the cheeks with no width.
  • Middle parts for creating the illusion of narrow length.
  • No bangs.
  • Short hairstyles are great and do not suffocate small round faces.



Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Styles that add volume through the sides such as chin length.
  • Side parts and heavy straight across bangs.

Perfect celebrity example Cameron and Mila kunis.


 Heart-shaped Face

Wide at the forehead and cheekbones.

Narrow at the jawline


Heart-shaped face


Hairstyles to Try

  • Any textured chin-length hairstyles.
  • Make sure bangs are side-swept bangs not straight
  • Shoulder length cuts with  layers that kick out.
  • Height on top will work but only if they belong to shoulder length or longer hairstyles.


Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Short, full hairstyles.

– perfect hairstyles are: everything curly…


Square Face Shape

Strong and broad forehead.

Angular jaw.


Hairstyle for square face



Hairstyles to Try


  • Forward falling hair onto your face will soften your jaw line.
  • Bangs swept over to one side.
  • Short to medium length hair will also suit you.
  • Styles with height at the crown will also work.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Avoid blunt bobs.
  • Middle parts with solid bangs.

Best celebrity example Penelope Cruz.

Oblong Face Shape

Face is longer than it is wide.

Long, straight cheek line


Hairstyles for oblong fac

Hairstyles to Try


  • Styles that are short to medium in length with longer top layers without height.
  • Chin and shoulder length looks that turn under or kick out also work very well to add width.
  • Layered styles in medium and long lengths that add body.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Hairstyles that add height at the crown.
  • The absence of bangs.
  • Chin length styles that have no body.

These were some tips..Hope you like it 😉 :* :*


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